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My Mother’s Suicide

Originally posted on Unsolicited Truth:
Everything that I knew about life changed on June 22nd, 2015. On this day, I learned that my mother took her own life in my…

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How to Be a Good Father

On June 16, 2015 the Golden State Warriors won an NBA title in over 40 years. I took an interest in the life of the players and started listening to … Continue reading

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How to Meet that Special One

It has happened to all of us at some point in our lives when we meet this person and after that one meeting we cannot get them out of our … Continue reading

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Building a Great Relationship

If everyone really wants to have a great relationship, why is this so difficult to achieve? Why do some relationships thrive while others falter? And, knowing this, what can people … Continue reading

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‘Say a Prayer’ Don’t JUMP!

“Seven years ago, I was sitting on the ledge of a thirteenth floor window. I’d tried to quit drinking so many times but I couldn’t do it, and I’d finally … Continue reading

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How to get your Ex Back the Practical Way

When I decided to write on getting your ex back, I started laughing, it just appeared to me that I am writing about something I thought was In my book … Continue reading

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9 Ways in Knowing a Cheater

Something is different about your relationship but you cannot put a finger on it. Things are not going as well as it started out, your partner seem distracted most of … Continue reading

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How Important Is Sex? (Relationship Guide Review)

The relationship site that I contribute to has one common question that is asked every day, so I decided to make a contribution to the most common question and that … Continue reading

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